Presentation Fraunhofer Centre for Silicon Photovoltaic

  • Start: 25 April 2018 8 h 00 min
  • End: 25 April 2018 18 h 00 min

The Fraunhofer Center presented by Mr Sebastian Schindler, is a research center that focuses on solar studies and material investigations, and how the two work together, how these materials perform together to come up with efficient and innovative solar and photovoltaic panels.

The centre has 67 institutes and research centres with over 24000 employees. It was founded in 2007 and has two directors with two sites where they do the total assembly of their components in co-operation with students and faculty members and various co-operations. They create customized solutions for key requests in PV industry, through diagnostics and measurement development, they look into module defects and they look into the cases of these defects and possible solutions to counter them. They have an assembly line where they assemble the PV modules to test under different conditions through material science and trying to optimize their modules through development of their cells.

They use modelling and simulation tests before doing a field test of their products for special modules and special designs that may be requested for. Their products range from curved modules to flexible modules, to façade modules using different kinds of fibres in view of adapting the module to its context. They work to optimize their modules’ performance for region specific conditions to increase optical gains and reduce loses in desert regions and very snowy cold conditions.

They have many research projects underway, one of them being the integration of fibres into concrete to have them used in facades for optimisation of solar gains and still keeping the architectural aspect of the building attractive, another is an aluminium façade housed with cells for façades facing the orientation best suited for maximum optimal gains. These projects are all in conjunction with architects who model and simulate the outcomes.

ENA TETOUAN, Tetouan, Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima , Morocco