The conference which took place on Thursday 26th of April was opened by Mr Zaid Romani, a professor from the National School of Architecture of Tetouan. After greeting the partners and attendees for their presence, Mr Zaid presented the solar decathlon competition, which has been taking place since 2002, it was launched by the U.S Department of energy for universities from all around the world and has had many different editions in different countries. The objective of this project is to develop a concept of a zero energy house (that respects the environment), primarily using the sun as a source of energy, the comfort criteria should be respected, all this should be done by applying innovative ways to achieve this goal. This edition will be held in Benguerir in the Eco City Mohamed VI.


After this first introduction, Mr Zaid, went on to introduce the name of the team ‘Sunimplant’ the name reflects the different aspects of the house: SUN referring to the sun, the primary source of energy, PLANT being the plant hemp used for construction, PLAN referring to the architectural plan, IM for In Morocco, SU for sustainable and UNI for University, universal and united.
Lastly, Mr. Zaid finished by once again thanking all in attendance the conference and broke off for refreshments.